Why do you need a Property Management Company?


Owning rental property can be either a pleasant or a frustrating experience. Having a Property Manager can help make your experience pleasant rather than frustrating. 

Property Managers are professionals hired by Property Owners to perform the duties required of a Landlord, which allows the Property Owners to profit from Tenant rent payments while dealing with few-to-no issues and doing little-to-no work themselves.  

Superior Realtors & Rental Properties, Inc.'s mission is to provide SUPERIOR service to our clients. Our goal is NOT to be the biggest but to continually strive to be the very best!  

Superior is also a full-service brokerage company. Therefore, Superior is able to meet ALL the needs of our Clients. 

Superior carefully adheres to the laws & statutes of the State of Illinois.


Duties Provided by Superior Realtors & Rental Properties, Inc.:




Superior handles all leasing arrangements.  These tasks include, but are not limited to: advertising for new renters / tenants; interviewing potential renters; running comprehensive NATIONWIDE background checks; drafting lease agreements; collecting and depositing rent payments; assessing and collecting fees for late payments or other issues; collecting late payments; evicting tenants if needed.   Typically, Superior's operating costs are deducted from these fees and payments and the remainder is delivered to the Investor / Owner. This means that an Investor's / Owner's income will be based on how many properties are owned, how high the rent is on the properties and the maintenance costs that must be deducted in a given period.



Superior also provides all legally and contractually required maintenance and repairs to the properties managed. This means that Superior not only keeps tabs on the buildings and schedules all regular maintenance, but Superior also acts as THE point of contact for Tenants regarding maintenance requests.  Superior then determines whether the issue can be handled by itsown maintenance team or if a third-party contractor should be hired.


Conflict Resolution

Superior works to resolve conflicts with and between tenants to prevent the direct involvement of the Investor / Owner.  This may include noise and behavior disputes, cleanliness issues, arguments between tenants and lease compliance.


Legal Concerns

Superior representa the Investor / Owner in legal disputes with tenants, unless the concerns specifically involve the Investor / Owner.  This representation includes past-due rent collection, eviction and matters regarding broken leases or property damage.



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